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The SPM Group Leoben under supervision of Prof. Dr. Christian Teichert has a history of more than 10 years.

At the moment the group has 3 AFMs at its disposal. One of them is combined AFM/STM from Omicron for UHV operation. In addition we have in house access to a fourth shared AFM (together with the  IPWK). The Omicron AFM is attached to our UHV organic molecular beam epitaxy, equipped with a ion source, QCMB and an electron beam heater.

In our second lab we have to drop shape analysis devices from Kruess, to measure wetting properties and surface free energy of solids and liquids. Most important in the context of our group is that one of them can make droplets as small as 100pl.

Research is of course focussing on surface properties. However, of particular interest is the self-organization of nano and micro scale structures. The investigated mesoscopic structures