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Organic thin films

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Molecular alignments in sexiphenyl thin films epitaxially grown on muscovite Plank, H.; Resel, R.; Sitter, H.;Andreev, A.; Sariciftci, N.;Hlawacek, G.; Teichert, C.; Thierry, A. & Lotz, B. Thin Solid Films, 2003, 443, 108-114
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Structure and morphology of sexiphenyl thin films grown on aluminium (111) Resel, R.; Salzmann, I.;Hlawacek, G.; Teichert, C.; Koppelhuber, B.; Winter, B.; Krenn, J.; Ivanco, J. & Ramsey, M. Org. Elec., 2004, 5, 45-51
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Structure and morphology of quaterphenyl thin films on Au(111) - The influence of surface contamination by carbon Resel, R.; Oehzelt, M.; Haber, T.; Hlawacek, G.; Teichert, C.; Müllegger, S. & Winkler, A. J. Cryst. Growth, 2005, 283, 397-403
Organic thin films grown by hot wall epitaxy on inorganic substrates Sitter, H.; Andreev, A.;Teichert, C.; Hlawacek, G.; Haber, T.; Smilgies, D.; Resel, R.; Ramil, A. & Sariciftci, N. Phys. Stat. Sol. B, 2005, 242, 1877-1882
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Coherent random lasing in the deep blue from self-assembled organic nanofibers Andreev, A.; Quochi, F.; Cordella, F.; Mura, A.; Bongiovanni, G.; Sitter, H.;Hlawacek, G.; Teichert, C. & Sariciftci, N. J. Appl. Phys., 2006, 99, 034305
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The epitaxial sexiphenyl (001) monolayer on TiO 2(110): A grazing incidence X-ray diffraction study Resel, R.; Oehzelt, M.; Lengyel, O.; Haber, T.; Schülli, T.; Thierry, A.; Hlawacek, G.;Teichert, C.; Berkebile, S.; Koller, G. & Ramsey, M. Surf. Sci., 2006, 600, 4645-4649
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Influence of surface temperature and surface modifications on the initial layer growth of para-hexaphenyl on mica (0 0 1) Frank, P.; Hlawacek, G.; Lengyel, O.; Satka, A.;Teichert, C.; Resel, R. & Winkler, A. Surf. Sci., 2007, 601, 2152-2160
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